Are you blind to live with Wang Sicong and YY MISS to clarify if the wind gossip do not know what time from the beginning, the gaming circles began to pass MISS and if the wind gossip, in two there seems to be a bit ambiguous. Recently online people pass big girl already dark Xu to others, as early as June, had "double king for the plot. The double king refers to Wang Sicong and Zhong Peisheng. Mr. Hongkong is a very famous nouveau riche, known as the "Hongkong Wang Sicong", he also has a love game, his LOL team in Hongkong, on the occasion of the launch of the MISS also gave her mad Brush Gift: "Hongkong Wang Sicong" Zhong Peisheng gave gifts kuangsong Miss according to online broke the news: MISS also in the studio for the bell boss sung in the studio now, it had begun to germinate at the time. But this feeling comes to go, because MISS is an independent woman, and clock the boss’s attitude with me I keep you forever on the line. So two people do not agree, has been divided into several times. For the above rumors, MISS has recently responded in the live, by the way also denied the ambiguous relationship with the wind:相关的主题文章: