Apple Pay officially landed the list of major banks list of benefits, 2014 Apple autumn new conference, Apple released a mobile payment function based on NFC function – Apple Pay. And in October 20, 2014, Apple Pay formally launched in the United States, the current global Apple Pay opened a total of 4 countries, namely the United States, Britain, Australia and canada. Today, Apple Pay finally landed in China, China has become the world’s fifth, Asia’s first opening of this function of the country. In order to meet the arrival of Pay Apple, the major banks are also various tricks, offers a variety of welfare preferences, here Xiaobian compiled so far the most complete information on the activities. CITIC Bank surprises ONE open door ceremony! During the event, the user bound CITIC card that is awarded 2000 points, each customer limited to enjoy. Surprise TWO — free list! Vertical reduction! During the event, every Saturday, Apple Pay bound CITIC credit card to WAL-MART and Sam member store consumption, can obtain different amount of a full free single. Surprise THREE — enjoy unlimited! During the event, Apple Pay binds the credit card to buy free hand tuning drinks in the Pacific Coffee shop. Surprise FOUR – password early adopters! Apple Pay binding credit card, shopping settlement when using the privilege password "pay", that is, enjoy 240 minus 30. Activity time: February 18, 2016 -3 10, surprise FIVE – configuration upgrade! What? There is no iPhone iPhone6S 64G four colors optional, ultra low preferential purchase price only 5899 yuan. China Merchants Bank does not use all the convenience for the purpose of payment is playing hooligans! Small special launched Apple Pay micro payment password free function, customer consumption of less than 500 yuan, without the need to enter the password, just press the POS confirmation key, you can quickly complete the payment. At present, not every bank has App Pay Apple exclusive binding card entrance, so that you can easily bind cards on our own App! And from now until April 30th, with Apple Pay successfully bind China Merchants Bank credit card, you can get 99 points in the palm of life App! More merchants bank credit card new households welfare Oh! During the discount period, the new home uses the Apple Pay which binds the CMB credit card to complete any transaction, and can receive the first brush of new households! China! Bank a re gift: first any consumer send 15000 points February 18, 2016 to June 30th, the use of Chinese bank credit card binding silver flash pay Apple Pay, the Great Wall e HCE, the first consumption of any amount, receive 15000 points. Double ceremony: consumption 100 yuan return 15 yuan, February 18, 2016 to December 31st, China line

Apple Pay正式登陆 各大银行优惠福利列表   2014年苹果秋季新品发布会上,苹果发布了一款基于NFC功能的手机支付功能――Apple Pay。并且在2014年10月20日Apple Pay就正式在美国上线了,目前全球开通Apple Pay的国家共有4个,分别是美国、英国、澳大利亚和加拿大。今天,Apple Pay终于登陆中国,中国也成为全球第五,亚洲第一个开通此功能的国家。   为了迎接Apple Pay的到来,各大银行也是各出奇招,提供了各种福利各种优惠,下面小编就为大家整理了到目前为止最为完整的活动信息。 中信银行   惊喜ONE――开门礼!活动期间,用户绑定中信卡即获赠2000积分,每客户限享一次。   惊喜TWO――免单!立减!活动期间,每周六,Apple Pay 绑定中信信用卡至沃尔玛和山姆会员店消费,即可获得不同金额的满额免单。   惊喜THREE――畅享无限!活动期间,Apple Pay 绑定中信信用卡在太平洋咖啡门店使用购买任意手调饮品即可免费升杯。   惊喜FOUR――口令尝鲜!Apple Pay 绑定中信信用卡唯品会购物结算时使用优惠口令“pay”即享满240减30。   活动时间:2016年2月18日-3月10日   惊喜FIVE――配置升级!什么?还没有iPhone?   iPhone6S 64G 四色任选,超低优惠购机价只需5899元。   招商银行   一切不以便捷为目的的支付都是耍流氓!小招特别推出了Apple Pay小额支付免输密码功能,客户消费500元以下时,无需输入密码,只需按下POS确认键,即可快速完成付款。目前可不是每家银行都有哦~   掌上生活App设立的Apple Pay专属绑卡入口,让大家可以在咱们自己的App上轻松绑卡!并且即日起至4月30日,用Apple Pay成功绑定招行信用卡,可在掌上生活App领取99积分哦!   更有招行信用卡新户的福利哦!!优惠期间,新户使用绑定招行信用卡的Apple Pay完成任意一笔交易,即可领取新户首刷礼!!   中国银行   一重礼:首笔任意消费送15000积分2016年2月18日至6月30日,使用中国银行信用卡绑定中银长城e闪付Apple Pay、HCE,首笔消费任意金额,即获赠15000积分。   二重礼:消费100元返现15元2016年2月18日至12月31日,中国银行信用卡绑定中银长城e闪付Apple Pay、HCE,当月消费金额累计满100元,即可获赠15元现金返还。   上海银行   一重礼“体验赢好礼”   2016年2月18日至3月31日,客户在Apple Pay添加我行卡(含信用卡,借记卡),即有机会赢取500MB手机上网流量。4月初,我行将统一组织抽奖,抽取1000位成功绑卡的客户,各奖励500MB手机上网流量。   二重礼“唯品会红包等你拿”   2016年2月18日至3月10日,客户至唯品会购物使用Apple Pay添加我行卡(含信用卡,借记卡)支付,在结算时选择使用优惠口令,输入“唯品会”即可领取一份30元口令红包,享唯品会购物满240元减30元优惠。   浦发银行相关的主题文章: