The Apple Corp will remove waste from the app store application of Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on September 2nd, Apple Corp has its developer community sent an e-mail that the company will make some changes to the App Store app store. E-mail said that if an application is no longer running or obsolete, it will be removed from the App Store application store. Apple Corp said in an email: "we are implementing a program to evaluate the application, and will remove those that have not been able to run, and the current review of the principle is not consistent or outdated applications." Industry pointed out that in the early days of the App Store app store, Apple Corp have been boasting of its application, but this is not what a value, because no one will install the application of millions. However, Apple Corp continues to share new data. As of June 2016, the total number of iOS applications for iPhone and iPad has reached 2 million. Since Apple Corp in 2008 on line App Store application store, the total amount of its application downloads has reached 130 billion times. But there are a lot of these applications can not run, and no user will download. A large number of applications are likely to be developed based on earlier versions of the iOS operating system, which has never been upgraded. So for Apple Corp, now is the time to improve the ability to discover the App Store app store. One interesting thing to note is that the move will make the number of applications in the App Store app store significantly reduced. In addition to the search ads and extensions within many different applications within the iOS 10 operating system, the Apple Corp plans to remove all of those useless apps. At the same time, the company will also clean up those junk application name. For example, if a user searches for "Instagram" in the App Store application store, one of the results of the income ranking is a "Photo Collage, Picture Editor, Pic Grid, F…" Such applications will be removed. Apple Corp hopes to get rid of junk application name to make App Store search once again become relevant. From now on, the application will be limited to 50 characters. The company plans to begin from September 7th to review the old application, the application of an on-line "screwed up" will be removed immediately, the other is the first application will be notified if not updated in the following 30 days to upgrade, will be removed. Apple Corp has released a FAQ (question answer) to explain these changes. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: