Software Did you ever encounter websites, mailers and pop up ads that ask you to share personal data or have taken you to another faulty and fictitious web page? This is something that is very .mon and has been happening to every second .puter user. This phenomenon is popularly termed as Phishing and has been happening in todays personal and professional sphere. Phishing is a malicious cyber attack that results an individual or .pany to lose private and enterprise data. It can also damage the .puting device. Most Phishing attacks generally target the nave users to steal private data. There are multiple employee awareness programs and anti-Phishing solutions that help to offer a restricted security. Service providers today have utilized cutting edge technologies along with employee research and have .e up with anti-Phishing solutions that secure the employee from security attacks and also established a prioritized action plan that reduces the chances of security breaches. Social engineering has made phishing awareness programs an essential concern round the globe. Phishing attacks can result in corporate risks such as loosing confidential data to the third party hackers. Therefore, it can also result in the loss of an organizations overall reputation and brand value. There are also times when there can be financial losses that results from Phishing attacks. Private data that are .promised by Phishing attacks include data having details such as passport details, VISA, credit card numbers, and other forms of corporate data like business plans, sales forecasts, and market reports and so on. The standard Phishing protection solutions sometimes only address the process and the technology in use. This apart, there are other solutions that address the people risk factor. Another trend is to undertake an incident based approach towards Phishing that result in making employees aware about the attacks. Advanced anti-Phishing software has the following benefits: * Enables enterprises to assess the potential risks linked to phishing * Provide flexible reporting capacities and incorporate them back into the enterprises key performance-indicator framework * Provides a detailed road map" solution focusing on the security awareness and training within the .pany * Assists in recognizing the weakness within people, process and technology links * Helps in prioritizing remediation attempts through effective benchmarking and maturity analysis * Assists in increasing employee awareness and knowledge to help guard sensitive information The new age anti-Phishing solution providers enable the organizations to assess the employee aptitude to respond to the Phishing attacks. The security thus concentrates not only on .puting devices but also on peoples awareness and mindset. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: