Another autumn coat layer not less [introduction]: late autumn season, it is a good time to wear the coat, the North began to wear the coat, and the South will will wear the coat. But one of the main autumn coat coat, but also a lot of girls love style, whether it is classic or personality, can wear stylish coat. (content source: Sina fashion style design) mosaic coat   mosaic style design of the coat, light green and white in the design phase, great personality, wearing fashionable and generous, in a white T-shirt, wearing this popular hole jeans, high heels on, show elegant woman. Deep blue long coat long dark blue windbreaker jacket, the version of crisp, the body is thin, minimalist design style, but also a lot of girls love autumn clothes do not be too complicated, simple, clean and stylish. Choose high waisted pants nine shirt and jeans to collocation, wear high-heeled shoes, elegant temperament can be distributed. Black leather coat and all the girls love to coat, like this black leather coat, small bright surface decoration, let this coat looks cool more handsome, a black shirt, worn under the hole jeans, a pair of small leather shoes fix fashionable style. Classic unbeaten Khaki windbreaker jacket classic unbeaten Khaki windbreaker jacket, double breasted decoration, slightly open her style, in the long cut, worn on the body is simple and fresh, feels very comfortable, collocation of white shirts, wearing nine jeans, wear high-heeled shoes, filling and intellectual temperament.相关的主题文章: