"Fingertips" pen? Chinese world tour ShangHai Railway Station – Sohu to "Millennium philosophy? The Oriental aesthetic" as the theme of "fingertips" pen? Chinese Art Exhibition (referred to as the "two point" art exhibition in Shanghai in November 11th), Hongqiao world performing arts center opened, guests have Chinese children’s foundation leadership, Hongqiao business district management committee director, vice mayor of Minhang District, Jiang Baolin, Wang Dongling, Liu Han, artist, curator for the opening ceremony of Mr Liu?. The 66 days of "two point" art exhibition will use 180° the giant screen, two pieces of sky screen, and multimedia holographic projection, to create "harmony and a sense of time and space" sense of theatre. In 2015 the "two point" art exhibition as an important part of China culture in Milan World Expo, to rave reviews, loved by the audience. Today, the "two point" art exhibition in Milan Expo complete regression, the size of the domestic exhibition, and the increase of giant art installations "integration", let the domestic audience to appreciate the artistic, intellectual, ornamental and interactive art exhibition "two.". Chinese traditional ink painting and craftsman skills, as well as the Chinese philosophy of art, which is active in the contemporary perspective, detonated the magic of Chinese art boom.       Liu curators? Artist Wang Dongling   artist Jiang Baolin Oriental Aesthetics and modern collision "two point" art exhibition is a living state of the millennium history of civilization, to Philosophy of art China into the traditional culture today in the blood, into the soul and vitality of contemporary economy and culture and life. In the "heaven" China traditional philosophy and creation spirit as the core, to the art of "China contemporary painting and calligraphy ink nib on the China" and "national art fingertips" China two theme exhibition, show the Chinese nation unique aesthetic ideal and superb creative ability.     "nib on the Chinese" around China painting unique spirit of freehand brushwork, poetry and print, text structure and confluence of tension lines and other characteristics, means the use of multimedia technology, show Chinese modern famous artists painting and calligraphy ink painting, calligraphy and painting a cultural interpretation of philosophy, creation spirit and artistic life, promote thousands of China years of accumulation of the Oriental aesthetic values, make the world more deeply appreciate the charm and essence of China culture! "The pen Chinese" invited Pan Gongkai, Zhang Lichen, Jiang Baolin, He Jiaying, Liu Han, Wang Dongling, six, a renowned artist in today’s calligraphy and painting exhibition China, through multimedia contemporary, show their works and thoughts, philosophy and modern Oriental show amazing collision.     "fingertips" adhering to the "object" Chinese "concept, through a comprehensive display of traditional creation skills, promote the essence of intangible cultural heritage, inheritance of the spirit, namely the skill behind people’s desire, pursuit and belief, setting a national spirit of inner wisdom, character and virtue. From the national arts and crafts masters, ethnic heritage of the selection of representatives of contemporary Chinese high-end handicraft, showing the Shiwan pottery and porcelain as the representative of Jingdezhen;相关的主题文章: