Amazing Martin drama actor auditions hot – Sohu entertainment audition site waiting interactive photo on November 12, 2016 to 13, Martin V drama actor auditions held smoothly on the sea of Shanghai cultural center. Amazing Martin stage actor auditions. Information was released, it caused a warm response. In just two weeks, the event attracted nearly 600 children enrolled. After two days of auditions, the final 40 kids talent shows itself in numerous who register, enter the end of the month at the amazing Martin stage actor PK game. From the 2003 "Martin morning" to today’s "amazing Martin", Martin in the thirteen years after our return of warmth. When Martin’s fans are now being parents and their children, and because the "amazing Martin" became a number of small new fans. As a fan of Martin parents take their children to participate in activities, not only to let the children to show themselves, but also to the children and to a variety of Martin’s childhood dream. Martin’s amazing historical continuity provides a huge fan base for drama, drama and interactive performance itself let the multivariant Martin out of the TV screen, into the children’s life. "Martin is the father of Zhang Tianxiao said in an interview:" in recent years, the domestic life and culture of increasing demand, but the market is the lack of good children. Amazing Martin stage emerged in this situation, in order to give the children bring more cultural content well, also let the children to participate in the amazing Martin, realize their amazing dream." This is a work that focuses on protecting children’s imagination and creativity. It not only meets the children love fantasy, love adventure and creative child, with children all over the world, go to the side together to create stories of celebrities in the history, exerts a subtle influence on children will encounter problems to face with optimistic, positive and positive attitude. At the same time, nature and variety Martin meet the expectations of parents and children. February 1, 2017 to 2, Martin amazing drama will be officially staged at the Shanghai lyceum theatre. By then, the children and parents will see a new friend, by their participation in the interpretation of the amazing story of Martin.相关的主题文章: