The total mobile phone to play in front of the children, from a failure of the parents is not far from the Sohu [picture] maternal attention selection, let the children love to read! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number to jxhuiben! A call? A natural power? Yes, but… Parents are a profession! Do you think with the child, the child found that the phone robbed their parents! Do not think you look at the phone, sitting on the side of the child is to accompany the child. Do not think that you are playing with the computer, the mouth to urge the child, is the tube child. Accompany the child to delay your time, but you delay the child’s life. American psychologists found that a person can achieve success, 20% depends on the day after tomorrow efforts, and the 80% depends on the father. As a child’s life, the important people, the same word, if the father said, the influence of the child will be 50 times the mother. The influence of the mother on the child is whether the child can become an independent person; and the father is to shape the child’s view of life; related to the formation of personality. Who is more important in family education, father and mother? The answer is very important. The relationship between a person and the mother is harmonious, will affect the child’s future marriage is happy; and the relationship between the father is harmonious, will affect the future of the cause of the child is a success. Give the child 15 minutes a day, you can not do? And the child to establish a close parent-child relationship, the need for a little bit of accumulation every day, not overnight. The establishment of high quality relationships, the need to focus on 15 minutes a day to accompany the child. The so-called high quality company, is to accompany their children when the father or mother is love and children together, intentnesses did not run to God, not thinking, not thinking of pressure; although these are. Accompany: looking together can do is together with the child read the story; can be together or play games and children; can be together to listen to music and sing; can be together with the child sitting on the beach to listen to the sound of the waves, to explain the nature of knowledge. Can climb the mountain together with the children, sitting on the ground to study the nature of small animals, small flowers, grass trees. Companionship: listening + physical contact can be without judgment, without blame, without contempt, without shock, without interruption. Is a very simple, very appreciate, very dedicated, very happy, listen quietly listening to your child. In the process of listening, parents can have is: Well, oh, wow, oh, then? And? What’s next? Other response. In the process of companionship, as much as possible physical contact: pat the child’s shoulders, touch the child’s head, the child’s hand in his hand, hug the child, etc.. Also, it is important to appreciate the eyes. There are many ways to do this, and the most important thing is: at that moment, whether or not you are a parent. Whether you believe it or not, parents are most in need of training!相关的主题文章: