Don’t because of pregnancy after the little things and Sohu in March 28th this year, mother too late for regrets, Shaanxi Yulin a pregnant woman in suddenly dizzy, intended to stand in the side rails to rest, but because of the extreme dizziness, black eyes, and did not get to "fence card neck" tragedy. Some people may think: "it is just dizziness, no big deal," but for a special period of the pregnant mother, it is likely to lead to irreparable tragedy such as news. October has always been that the bacteria, pregnant mother thing never trivial, always pay attention to the health of pregnant women, is the best protection for them. So today October bacteria must tell all pregnant mom: "whether indoors or outdoors, we must carefully take care of as far as possible to avoid all accidents, responsible for themselves and the baby’s stomach, following on with tight October with bacteria, investigation and security risks during the indoor and outdoor! The bedroom bathroom kitchen safety security security article * bacteria reminder: do not ignore the pregnancy healthy diet, light diet can be very good to help pregnant mother from gestational diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. October: bacteria as a key protection of the pregnant mother at home, there are a variety of security details can not be ignored, the need to pay attention to from the aspects of the safety problems, especially some little things, do not relax vigilance. Traffic safety article * bacteria reminder: pregnancy is best not to drive, the car should also be sitting behind the driver’s seat, because this seat is the highest safety factor in the location of the car. Public security in the way text in fact sometimes want someone to accompany pregnant mother really are not as hypocritical, but in some cases for the pregnant mother, really is not small! In particular, unexpected events, pregnant mother can not handle alone. So in October, in this emphasis on bacteria, pregnant mother out of the best family or friends to accompany, especially in the late pregnancy travel. For pregnant mothers, it is necessary to maintain a healthy and positive attitude, strengthen safety awareness, to keep in mind their own and Tai Baobao’s safety, to prevent the occurrence of tragedy. Nothing can be more than pregnant mother and fetal treasure thing big? Open the WeChat search on October, care of the public number, here are the most reliable parenting and maternal knowledge. Do not miss passing through the passing of each reminder of the October bacteria!相关的主题文章: