Just days after a sing a few light-years ahead of fashion article reprinted from the media public number: Dipsy Brindisi (ID:realDipsy) Faye Wong to a concert!!! Although the conference denied not "last", said only want to try this new way to live Internet but who knows my heart is afraid of the woman with the head from the letter of wheat, the biggest worry is always the woman after all: too red! Anyway, no, also want to see maishen bondservants! At the end of the "Magic Music", only this one! I think the most beautiful fashion influence I love for the good things from the "childhood star", born in good taste of fashion people in any time any time Always rolling all the people, excluding those years let other people crazy album activities form, you will see a single ten or twenty years before the concert other, constitute a stunning "fashion story" to 1994, wearing braids painted with sequins makeup tears landing Hongkong Coliseum "the most wonderful concert ~ who can think of this more than and 20 years ago by the fans called" water sleeves "exaggerated long sleeved style, now once again carry forward in the Vetements sky born under the instantaneous swept all the fashion brand. Faye Wong sings like "bespoke" days of other magic aura Faye Wong was out of pocket to buy a lot of Jurgi Persoons’s works, including "music world" concert with crystal mask microphone holder debut suit is also from the same brand of deconstruction. But now no longer see this kind of ideas, courage, pure fashion cutting and detail is superior to incidentally found a piece of old newspaper clippings with other detailed items, the five digit far more glamorous many. Until thirteen years ago, the head of a real high heels hair, "Phoebe unusual" airborne Coliseum Concert – most of the clothing from individual love genius designer Olivier Theyskens in charge of the hand of Rochas. When Olivier Theyskens Rochas has just entered the fashion house, as he is also the designer from Belgium (think Olivier has poor luck, a talented but underappreciated, both of the original Rochas or later Nina Ricci, have created countless beauty ~) and that the VW to the extreme short miniskirt as the only global a. Therefore, the name is "Faye Wong", so in 2001, the Japanese Wu Dao concert on the French Piece Museum Museum loaned the exhibits: Marjan Pejovsk designed ostrich. If those years saw those she wore over Helmut Lang, may be a lot of people don’t know that creating a new minimalist style Helmut Lang is the real "God of minimalism". Now Helmut Lang had changed in name only, New York Long Island has become a real designer in the artist to Faye Wong by the interpretation of the Helmut Lang period is just the golden age. Just like me…相关的主题文章: