Losangeles Broadway theatre district – Ace Hotel- hidden treasure Sohu Hisai San Francisco, then drove south to the city of angels in Losangeles, always feel to suffocate the hustle and bustle of large crowds of tourists. The travel book deliberately avoided the hot spot for the Broadway theatre district is located in the center of the tide brand hotel Ace Hotel, the old building, keep good at restoring original style and into the modern hotel group, founded in 1927 three years ago to buy United Artists Theater, founder of the appearance of the building was retained to build the Spanish Gothic style, gorgeous and classical, but simple to constitute internal concrete, implement the elegant retro Hollywood in two in the 1990s, clever blend of minimalist industrial elements, Modern Renaissance time collision. Visit key except a glimpse of exquisite design of the hotel, or from Portland to taste the coffee in hand very Stumptown 1F L.A. Chapter Hotel, cafes, bars and restaurants will be integrated, even if not to enter the meal, or a cup of coffee in the bar, waiting at the same time, the way to enjoy the French style around Brasserie the dining environment is not comfortable. Then walked to the unique space hotel left the reception area and the Gift hybrid Check In Shop, sat down and began to sip the coffee, absolutely wonderful scenery in front of the hotel, wearing a taste into the reception staff and passengers in the shuttle as art like the counter, here to see the West straight people rarely installed, but peaked cap, pencil skirts, or design the strong sense of T-Shirt. The display cabinet turntable, Gibson display in the rear of the guitar, Ace Hotel and Converse Beams more cooperation with various well-known brands, launched many popular branded goods, including clothing, accessories, stationery to home appliances. Even in order to encourage travelers health travel, in-depth exploration of the inner city, and city bicycle brand Tokyobike jointly launched a single speed bicycle, the biggest feature is the choice of the color orange and yellow on behalf of the California sun, the work area is also the use of leather handle and seat cushion, which also saw the hotel combined with the local context features carefully. Turn out to the hall gallery, retro wall shows ingenuity, a frame of unfinished sketch graffiti wallpaper printed intriguing, inlaid with old old script, let this historical building distributed everywhere surprise and novelty. The Ace Hotel in recent years, the Broadway Theater District, has become the new focus of Los Angeles hipsters, leaving in 1920s a large Hollywood’s golden age theatre transformed into cafes, art galleries and restaurants bars and new apartments, recently popular clothing brand Urban Outfitters and 1971 Rialto Theatre renovation, to build two storey spacious modern retail store. On the other side, the blue Ea cell

洛杉矶百老汇剧院区隐藏瑰宝―Ace Hotel-搜狐   久居旧金山,偶而驱车南下天使之城洛杉矶,总觉游客熙来攘往,难以窒息。此次特意避开旅游书上热门景点,寻访位于市中心百老汇剧院区的潮牌旅店 Ace Hotel,这个擅长修复陈年建筑、保留原始风貌并融入现代气息的旅馆集团,三年前买下建于 1927 年的 United Artists Theater,建筑外观保留了当时创办人打造的西班牙哥德风格,华丽而古典,内部却以简约的混凝土构成,贯彻了二○年代好莱坞的复古风华,巧妙揉合极简工业元素,碰撞出现代的文艺复兴况味。      此次拜访重点除一睹旅馆的精湛设计外,还是为品尝来自波特兰的极究手冲咖啡 Stumptown,旅馆 1F 的 L.A. Chapter 将咖啡馆、酒吧与餐馆融为一体,即使不入内用餐,也可在吧台点一杯咖啡,等待同时,顺便欣赏法式 Brasserie 风格围绕的用餐环境,好不惬意。         接着踱步到旅馆左侧混合 Check In 接待区和 Gift Shop 的独特空间,坐下来细细啜饮咖啡,眼前的风景绝对精采,穿着品味入时的旅馆接待人员和旅客穿梭在有如艺术品般的柜台,这儿鲜少看到西装笔挺人士,而是鸭舌帽、铅笔裙,或设计感强的 T-Shirt。      黑胶唱盘、Gibson 吉他陈列于后方的展示柜,Ace Hotel 更与 Beams、Converse 等各界知名品牌合作,推出许多受欢迎的联名商品,包括衣服、配件、文具到居家用品等。甚至为了鼓励旅人健康出游、深入探索城市内部,还和城市自行车品牌 Tokyobike 联合推出一款单速脚踏车,最大特色在于颜色选择了代表加州阳光的橙色与黄色,做工方面也是采用真皮手把和坐垫,在此亦可看见旅店结合当地特色脉络的用心。         转出来至大厅长廊,复古墙面透着巧思,一帧帧未完成的素描涂鸦耐人寻味,壁纸上印嵌着陈年的老剧本,让这个历史建筑处处散发惊喜与新意。      近年来 Ace Hotel 所处的百老汇剧院区,逐渐成为洛城时髦人士的新聚点,1920 年代一大片好莱坞黄金时期留下的剧院蜕变为咖啡厅、艺廊、餐馆酒吧与新式公寓,前阵子流行服饰品牌 Urban Outfitters 甚至翻新 1971 年的 Rialto Theatre,打造为两层楼宽敞现代的零售店面。      另一头湛蓝色的 Eastern Columbia 大楼很难不让人注意,它的一楼是瑞典品牌 Acne Studios 最大的旗舰店,售卖男装、女装与时尚配件,并附设一间瑞典原装咖啡馆 il Caffé ,同时店内还展出来自比利时艺术家的前卫作品。      洛杉矶的百老汇剧院区就象是城市中的艺术瑰宝,老城区透出来的新味儿很是令人惊?。而发迹于波特兰的 Ace Hotel,目前足迹已遍及西岸大城波特兰、西雅图、棕榈泉与洛杉矶,令人不禁好奇谁会是下一个他们改造老建筑的城市首选?      本文章为创用授权,转载请注明本站出处。   文 苏珊维格相关的主题文章: