A few big taboo – Music fetal education, you have to know the maternal fetal education is a music Sohu most mothers will fetal education methods used, but Xiaobian remind you if fetal education method is improper, but not conducive to the health of the fetus. Therefore, mothers should avoid the following a few big taboo in music when fetal education. A bogey: not to listen to the baby is too noisy or improper music, baby love is not high frequency sound waves. Two bogey: should not give the baby to listen to the rhythm of music too fast, too fast rhythm will make the fetus nervous. Bogey: the music sound when fetal education should not be too large, will make the fetus uncomfortable. Four: the choice of music, the range should not be too high; because the baby’s brain development is not yet complete, the separation between the brain is not complete; so, the range is too high, the fetus can not load, causing brain damage. Five note: music is too long to fetal education every day; 5 to 10 minutes in length is most appropriate, in the process of fetal education allowing the fetus repeatedly listening, can play a role of fetal education. Six: should choose the ups and downs of the music in the music melody, if all of a sudden bang, will let the fetus frightened. Warm reminder: fetal education music blindly choose the harm is great! There are many music CDs on the market fetal education ", but most of the music are not suitable for fetal heart rate. In order to be able to choose the appropriate fetal education music, can consult a doctor, choose rhythm and peaceful music. In order to avoid damage to the fetus, fetal education music, recommends mothers learning music fetal education right under the guidance of professionals. Above is the relevant introduction about music fetal education taboo, in order to let the music play a role in fetal education, mothers in fetal education should be avoided when the above points, to avoid affecting the healthy development of the baby.相关的主题文章: