Aaron Yan private face book was dug back: the wall is not anti villain Aaron Yan Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Aaron Yan [micro-blog]22 in private face book open arms, a television station "the next new drama then file no script, by the three executive vice president. Li Zhuang back, violent war, private papers is the outflow of exposure light. He later publicly fans PO out of a long article, referred to the "wall of anti gentleman, not anti villain" suspected on the matter ". Aaron Yan 22 evening in the fan group PO text, although the focus on the issue of fraternity, but also talk about people’s moral concept of the problem. He mentioned, when to see the school will be short of the wall, "I thought this is just doubled over, really funny, but grandma told" wall anti gentleman, not anti villain ", grew up only after understand the reason, the most important thing is the original people’s moral view. In fact, Aaron Yan earlier had been dug up private face book PO the suspect because of dissatisfaction with the three new open arms: "TV promises to change, we will see the next new, then file drama, no script! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." Three Li Zhuang. Executive vice president responded: "don’t make wild accusations, it is unfair to adhere to Taiwan’s plays! You can Kazakhstan mainland drama, drama, that is your freedom, but the malicious attack on Taiwan’s drama talent, it is difficult to accept!" Originally a private conversation, but the face of the book friends screenshot exposure. In this regard, Aaron Yan owned brokerage firm, said: because this is a private face book statement, which people are friends, so inconvenient response." And later on, "Wen Xin Zhuang" entertainment star cloud responded: "Taiwan theatre worker: we are not the most intelligent people, but not a perfect man, we are a screw nail every drama! Taiwan drama has been behind rivals for more than ten years, this is not a day caused by! So stop abusive! Unless you really think your screw is not a problem, it’s 100 percent perfect! Then you continue to criticize others! Let us from this moment of introspection, also hope that the government support! If we want to see the world in the future, we will be part of the world!" [Aaron Yan] when I saw the school wall odd short matchless, thought, this highly I just doubled it over, really funny, next to the time my grandmother said: "the wall is not anti anti villain gentleman." After the years, I understand the truth, around the campus around the height of the wall is not really how to judge the safety of the height, true crime prevention wall is the wall inside each of us a moral concept. In recent years, the problem has not a love seat as we discussed a lot of news pages, this seat in the end with and without? Really never thought, Taiwan, a foreign population in human strong Taiwan, unexpectedly let this on issues such as carrion flies abd always linger; see in recent times the event is not fantastic trust between people, a false alarm, almost see the shadow shooting level, what makes the distortion of Social Psychology)相关的主题文章: