A week on-line brisk performance "Diego road" the road to success in twenty-first Century with the greatest star, a dazzling Name: Ronaldo, Messi, called C Ronaldo, Zidane…… These great players work together to support the field this piece of stars. But the king said the majority of the ball, the mind will emerge out of the same name — Bailey. His legendary football career until now is still being talked about, and he himself has become a synonym for football. Therefore, when the Fish Games proxy issue, Bailey authorized and endorsement of the football Mobile Games "Diego road" on the line, also written a "palm pitch" miracle. In the domestic more than and 120 countries and regions in the world, only a week on-line topped the App Store free list of top sports…… What is the game of football can have such a "magic", now let us explore "Diego road" the road to success. The "number one road" the road to success great results! The acclaimed "Star Road" in August 24th, and endorsement by Diego Bailey authorized football Mobile Games Diego "road" officially landed in the domestic market, and when the week won the apple homepage China area recommended. In a short period of time in a week, "Diego road" topped the App Store free list of sports games, and won eighth top 65 list, the total outstanding achievement, which for a sports stand-alone game is almost unimaginable. "Star Road" launched a week later, the brisk performance made such dazzling achievements, cannot do without "Star Road" excellent quality of the game. The game is a perfect reproduction of the most exciting football game scoring link, the operation and the fun of the coexistence of light casual play triggered fans players resonance, naturally well received. But to be successful in the domestic market, in addition to its excellent quality, popularity and the incomparable Bailey fish game promotion strategy is also closely related to. Diego Bailey – authorized endorsement "for football fans detonated frenzy and, as Beethoven was born for music." – Bailey in the world of football, Bailey is God’s existence. Won three World Cup champion, 1283 tournament goals, in 1999 was elected as "century athletes", in 2000 was awarded the FIFA player of the century, and in 2004 the title of "football emperor Beckenbauer won the FIFA 100 years the best players and the Football Hall of fame award…… This series of achievements, all without telling the legend of Bailey’s career. Because of the incomparable Bailey in the world of football’s popularity, the "number one road" authorized by him and the endorsement of the football Mobile Games since debut will get the attention of fans around the world. And this with Bailey as the prototype of the game game player also did not let the fans disappointed, game player from a street soccer step by step to the stage of the World Cup games, create new styles gameplay and perfect sense, let the game player have become the palm of the pitch "Diego Bailey", and it is not detonated fans game player game frenzy. Outside the game, sports field layout, fish "number one road" good IP and the quality of the game, the game’s release.相关的主题文章: