A "ring." the official album "a lovely appearance while Enako exposure." Kaba Nellie has done for a long time, but the official did not want to withdraw from the netizens sight. "Kaba Nellie". A recent official called the popular Japanese COSER enako took the official album, we take a look at the process of shooting pictures. Enako enako (aka is a Japanese language forms) famous COSER, since C80 COS Patyuli were Indoorsman after knowledge, love. C81 COS "love plus" in Gaoling and "my sister love flowers which have so cute! "The high Osaka Tong is. Enako sweet appearance is quite in line with the appearance of anonymity, netizens have commented: why is enako? Don’t feel the nameless domineering." "Wait a minute…… Authorities actually find her? No one can stop enako." "This name is very cute." "This COS is pretty good." Recently, enako also participated in a lot of photography, also participated in the Halloween Parade, a look at her most recent picture. (Editor: D) the HD Atlas > >相关的主题文章: