A peace agreement failed referendum, why still give Santos Peace Prize? Columbia local time on October 2nd, the government and the armed forces of the Columbia revolutionary armed forces (Columbia) reached a referendum on the peace agreement. The results showed that the opposition camp to win a narrow victory. Nevertheless, 7, awarded the Nobel peace prize is still awarded to President Santos of Columbia. In this regard, the Nobel Committee made an explanation. After the failure of the peace deal, Juan, President of the Republic of, ·, ·, and Mr Santos conceded defeat, but said they would not give up, and would continue to push for the peace process in Columbia, Columbia. Under the peace agreement referendum failed, this year’s Nobel peace prize is still awarded to President Santos of Columbia. In this regard, Nobel Peace Prize at the scene said when answering a reporter’s question, the Committee believes that the people of Columbia against the just for the peace agreement, rather than peace itself. The Committee hopes that this award will encourage leaders to continue efforts to achieve peace, rather than exacerbate tensions. "Although the peace treaty failed, it ended the bloody conflict in Columbia and played an important role in bringing the country to a peaceful solution to the problem." The spokesman said. When asked whether the armed forces of Columbia, the revolutionary armed forces also included in the selection of the peace prize, the spokesman said the committee will not comment on any of the winners. The spokesman said that as president, Santos is responsible for the protection of the peace process". Has been committed to safeguarding the country’s peace process, participated in the whole process. "The Committee hopes that the peace prize will bring him the courage to face problems and challenges. In addition, the Commission also hope that the people of Columbia this year can feel the peace agreement brought about by the beautiful." Editor: Han Xuyang SN205相关的主题文章: