A new generation of Volkswagen CC most detailed intelligence appearance and dynamic analysis of the Passat (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) B8 (the new MAGOTAN (ginseng, pictures, inquiry)) has been completely change the alternative MQB platform, such as its derivative models, known as the most beautiful in the popular family of Volkswagen CC followed by nature subsequently, the Geneva auto show in 2017, or a little later the Frankfurt auto show, we will be able to see a new generation of CC official debut, is not particularly eager to hear the news? Don’t get excited, before the official release, let’s look at the spy photos and forecast map. First look at this spy photos, filming locations in public at the Audi near the test facility of Neue Boglin: this spy photos in most clearly is the car’s daytime driving lights and turn lights, you can see a new generation of CC using the headlights external surrounding the LED lamp layout, some similar to BMW’s "angel eyes, but can be split into three separate lights with no upper seal, U form. In addition, the steering lamp is also lamp belt style, uniform design. From the perspective of the two images can be seen, the steering lamp is likely not to use the flow of the design, a little regret, but what is the right to turn left turn right? Volkswagen Hui ang a new generation of Volkswagen CC camouflage road test 2017 domestic production of the LED design language is not the first time, MAGOTAN, Passat B8, Hui ang then uses a similar design, on behalf of the family of light mass design language of the next, just Hui ang light more plump, with a curved double pupil Meisan group LED support the Hui ang lighting art. CC in turn lights, daytime running lights seem somewhat extremely lonely, not conspicuous, less than the Passat MAGOTAN, under the eyelashes are allowed to look thin. Passat B8 then CC is not similar to the sharp boundary (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as daytime running lights and turn lights combined, the steering lamp with daytime running lights can also play a role? It is also a pity that this may not be the case, we can clearly find out from this straight line that the only one of the day lights is the "angel eyes"". The picture shows the new CC headlamps, you can clearly find that the use of LED light source, while the outside should be a matrix of LED. To the rear taillights, is also a LED light source, and from the joint camouflage can clearly see that the new CC is likely to adopt the hatchback design, the exhaust pipe is integrated in the rear bumper, relatively flat. The other side of the basic cash the same, waistline is more slender, straight from the wing margin has been extended to the rear of the vehicle, this design can refer to Volkswagen Ling du (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). The C column roof is higher, and the tail slightly upturned, these changes will lead to better performance for vehicle rear space and luggage compartment. In addition, from the picture, the new car before and after the suspension shortened, while the wheelbase growth, the same can improve the performance of the car interior. The design of the new CC benchmark is popular Sport Coupe GTE Concept, and spy check, is not very similar? Just this intake.相关的主题文章: