One plus 3T or 14 released prices will add a black version of Tencent digital news (blue) before this one plus one plus 3 will launch an upgraded version of 3T news, and the alleged price will rise to $80, but when released, but there is no exact argument. However, according to the users in the micro-blog claimed that a 3T will be released in November 14th in London, and equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, 6GB RAM+64GB and 6GB ROM provides two RAM+128GB storage portfolio, the battery capacity is increased to 3300 Ma, and add a black version, but the authenticity of the message remains to be further confirmed. 14 although one plus 3T released since exposure news is popular, but when released but no exact statement, the only news is not sure whether it will be released before the end of November this year. And now, according to the users in the micro-blog claimed that a 3T will be launched in London in 14, although there is no specific month, but from the text of the description, seems to be November 14th. Although the users quickly deleted the micro-blog, and now there is no official propaganda preheating any, but because of a has been a model for the new machine A3010 won the radio type approval at the end of August, and from the model that was supposed to be the legendary one plus 3T, so in mid November the formal launch of the machine is not entirely impossible. Equipped with 821 Xiaolong as a plus 3T compared to a major upgrade of the past, the revelations of the users also revealed that some of the information, including indeed as rumors said, will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor is reportedly "full of blood, and increase the capacity of the 128GB version of 6GB RAM+64GB ROM in the past based on the combination of storage, at the same time there are black styles of new stage, but only for the 128GB version and the 6GB version is only exclusive, the golden RAM+64GB ROM configuration. In addition, a 3T front camera will be upgraded from 8 million pixels to 16 million pixels in the past, self ability has been further enhanced, as with the battery capacity is increased to 3300 Ma, is consistent with past rumors. Prior to this, there are netizens disclosed that one plus 3T may improve in the camera configuration, it will be equipped with and OPPO R9s with SONY IMX398 sensor, though still 16 million pixel specifications, but the increase of dual focus technology and has a F1.7 large aperture lens. Or 2799 yuan for sale but one plus 3T did not use the LCD display as hearsay, but supply problems will increase the supply to ease the rumors LG AMOLED panel, also said the machine uses five generations of scratch resistant gorilla glass, and continue to use the type-C interface, and the system version will be pre installed with the latest Android 7. In the concern of mobile phone prices, the God @evleaks broke once said on twitter, one plus 3T price will rise to $80, so the market speculates that the capacity of the 64GB version of the.

一加3T或14日发布 价格上涨将新增黑色版本腾讯数码讯(水蓝)此前传出一加3将会推出升级版本一加3T的消息,并且据称售价将会上涨80美元,但何时发布却没有确切的说法。不过,根据网友在微博的爆料称,一加3T将会在11月14日在英国伦敦发布,并搭载骁龙821处理器,提供了6GB RAM+64GB ROM和6GB RAM+128GB两种存储组合,电池容量则增至3300毫安时,并添加一款黑色版本,但消息的真实性还有待进一步证实。传14日发布尽管一加3T自曝光以来各种消息被炒得火热,但何时发布却没有确切的说法,仅有的消息是不能确定是否会在今年11月底前发布。而现在,根据网友在微博的爆料称,一加3T将于14日在英国伦敦推出,虽然没有指明具体的月份,但从文字描述来看,似乎应该是11月14日。尽管该网友很快删除了该条微博,并且一加官方现在也没有进行任何的宣传预热,但由于一加已经有一款型号为A3010的新机在八月底获得了无线电发射型号核准,并且从型号上推断应该便是传说中的一加3T,所以在11月中旬正式推出该机也并不是完全不可能的事情。搭载骁龙821至于一加3T相比过去的主要升级,此次爆料的网友也透露了部分信息,包括确实如传闻所说的那样,将会搭载骁龙821处理器,据称还是“满血版本”,并在过去6GB RAM+64GB ROM存储组合的基础上增加128GB容量,同时还有黑色款式全新登场,但仅为128GB版本独享,而金色版本只有6GB RAM+64GB ROM的配置。除此之外,一加3T的前置镜头还会由过去的800万像素升级为1600万像素,自拍能力得到了进一步的增强,至于所配的电池容量则增至3300毫安时,与过去的传闻比较吻合。而在此前,则有网友披露称一加3T有可能在摄像头配置上有所提升,据称将会搭载与OPPO R9s同款的索尼IMX398传感器,虽然仍是1600万像素的规格,但增加了双核对焦技术和拥有F1.7的大光圈镜头。或2799元起售不过,一加3T并没有像传闻那样改用LCD显示屏,但传闻会增加LG供货来缓解AMOLED面板的供应问题,同时还据称该机采用大猩猩五代防刮玻璃,并继续使用type-C接口,而系统版本则会预装最新的Android 7.0。而在大家关注的手机价格方面,此前爆料大神@evleaks曾经在推特上表示,一加3T的售价会上涨80美元,所以坊间普遍推测64GB容量版本的价格有可能为2799元,而128GB版本的价格,则预计在2999元或3099元左右,但以上的消息真实性尚未得到证实,同时所谓11月14日的发布时间,也有可能是一加方面过去的安排,存在有可能改期发布的可能性。相关的主题文章: