7 year old boy met a beautiful aunt for cable telephone false alarm original title: children play "routine" Hefei 7 year old boy ask for beauty aunt telephone number of false alarm in Hefei 7 year old boy ask for beauty aunt telephone number of false alarm you this group of "single dog" (which is a network of slang, especially not in love the objects or people who are not married) have been lost in the starting line, a 7 year old boy to ask for the phone next to the beautiful aunt routine. 7 the evening of October 6th, the Chizhou train station is a 7 year old Hefei boy Xiao Ming (a pseudonym), in order to ask for her beauty aunt’s phone, but false police report said lost his parents. This routine, have to let the police dumbfounding uncles and said "very admire"! October 6th around 7 in the evening, the police station in Chizhou railway station is on duty, suddenly a young boy about the age of 7 to find the police uncle, panic and said, uncle, my mother and I lost." Police asked the first time the situation of the family Xiao ming. He said he only knew the family and, going by train to Hefei, mother Zhu, do not remember the name of the father, do not know the family’s telephone number, the police helpless can only use the radio station to inform parents, can see a police radio to Xiao Ming that he hugged a policeman’s thigh does not want to. At this time, the police believe that there must be a trick, so careful guidance of "you want to tell the police uncle Bob to tell the truth, if you do not tell the truth, the nose will be longer." Hear this, Xiao Ming secretly put the police aside, the original Xiao Ming eleven holidays and his mother came to Chizhou Mount Jiuhua scenic area tourism. The day he had to take the bus to the train station from the scenic road and neighbor Zhu aunt chat very happy, Zhu aunt came to the station and separated only to not leave a phone, and while his mother noticed, the police find a false alarm, the police want to find Zhu aunt, then to a phone number. After listening to the words after the police dumbfounding, first successfully sent to the Xiao Ming mother, and said that it would call routine, they had to write an uppercase "service"! (source: Hefei online) editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: