6.7 earthquake occurred in Xinjiang Akto County; the epicenter around the sparsely populated, people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Xinjiang Akto County 6.7 earthquake epicenter was around the sparsely populated Chinese seismic network officially measured: 22:24 on November 25th in Xinjiang the Suzhou Akto county (39.27 degrees north latitude and 74.04 degrees east longitude) 6.7 earthquake occurred, focal a depth of 10 km. The epicenter is about 3600 meters above sea level and sparsely populated within 20 kilometers of the epicenter, according to official micro-blog from the national earthquake network. It is reported that 2 of the town of jurisdiction 11 townships in aketao County, an area of 24555 square kilometers, a population of about 170 thousand people. 116 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake in Wuqia County, 169 km from the Kashi area, 1238 kilometers from the city of Urumqi. Within 10 kilometers of the earthquake, the village has a broad slope, and within 50 kilometers there is a town of wood auspicious township. According to the thermal data of mobile Internet population, the population within 20 kilometers of the epicenter is extremely rare. Around 200 kilometers around the epicenter, over 4 earthquakes occurred over the past 5 years, a total of 83 earthquakes, the largest earthquake occurred in Tajikistan in December 7, 2015, the magnitude 7.4 earthquake. (Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu) 新疆阿克陶县发生6.7级地震 震中周边人口稀少–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:新疆阿克陶县发生6.7级地震 震中周边人口稀少   中国地震台网正式测定:11月25日22时24分在新疆克孜勒苏州阿克陶县(北纬39.27度,东经74.04度)发生6.7级地震,震源深度10千米。   据来自国家地震台网官方微博的信息,震中海拔约3600米,震中周边20公里内人口极其稀少 。   据悉,阿克陶县辖2镇11乡,面积24555平方公里,人口约17万人。此次地震震中距离乌恰县城116公里,距离喀什市区169公里,距离乌鲁木齐市1238公里。本次地震周边10公里内的村庄有阔勒坡其,50公里内的乡镇有木吉乡。   根据移动互联网人口热力数据,震中周边20公里内人口极其稀少 。   震中周边200公里近5年来发生4级以上地震共83次,最大地震是2015年12月7日在塔吉克斯坦发生的7.4级地震。 (责编:许荩文、陈露露)相关的主题文章: