Web-Hosting When we think about web hosting platforms, Linux operating system always has the upper hand as .pared to any other hosting service platforms. Especially, if you .pare it with Windows operating system, then Linux surely delivers a more safe, reliable and fast web hosting solution. Website developers around the world prefer Linux web hosting services over similar service available on Windows OS. If you’re wondering what makes Linux an obvious choice for website developers when Windows is the most popular operating system around, check out the following points. * Low price: Cost is a chief factor that determines the popularity of Linux web hosting over similar service offered by Windows. The various editions of Linux such as Red hat, Debian etc are all free for developers to be used in their respective designs. Hence, with no more to pay for the operating system, the overall cost for web hosting also diminishes. This helps web developers to earn more profit as .pared to Windows editions, which .es with a hefty price tag. * Better .patibility: Linux web hosting is advantageous over other systems in that it is .patible with other software as well as with other operating systems. Further, if your website is based on Linux and your site is hosted by a server that’s run on Windows OS, you’ll have flawless performance. On the other hand, if you’re building a site on Windows framework and then hosting it on a Linux server, it would only invite trouble. * Unmatched Performance: Even if you keep the fact aside that it is free, there are enough reasons for supporting Linux as a superior hosting platform. First of all, it is more stable as .pared to Windows OS. Moreover, Linux provides better reliability and offers higher uptime in .parison to Windows OS. * Simple to use: Pundits might portray Linux hosting as a highly .plicated job, by .paring it with the Windows interface (which obviously is more user-friendly). But, the process involved in uploading or even setting up a Linux based web server is almost similar to that done while configuring a Windows server. Hence, it is evident from the above that choosing Linux web hosting over others is the best option for any website development situations. It certainly proves to be the better alternative as .pared to Windows and scores better than the later in terms of its superior .patibility, stability and pricing options. However, with all said, it is important to choose a reputed .pany that provides dedicated web hosting services. Make your selection wisely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: