2016 Forbes Chinese list: Wang Jianlin won the top Sohu news [global network reported] British BBC Chinese network reported on October 27th, China Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin to net wealth of $33 billion won the "2016 Forbes China rich list" list. Alibaba founder Jack Ma second. Tencent chairman Ma Huateng won the runner up. It is reported that this year, China’s richest man Forbes list of wealthy and their family of 400. Forbes said that Wang Jianlin’s net worth increased by $3 billion over the past year. Ma grew by 30% to $28 billion 200 million this year. Ma Huateng wealth rose $17 billion 600 million on the basis of last year’s $45%. Forbes pointed out that this year on the list of the biggest growth is chairman Wang Wei SF Express — an increase of $14 billion 500 million. Chinese top 10 richest: 1) 2) Ma Yun Wang Jianlin: $33 billion: $28 billion 200 million 3 $24 billion 500 million 4): Ma Huateng Wang Wei: $18 billion 500 million) 5) 6) Wang Wenyin Ding Lei: $15 billion 200 million: $13 billion 800 million 7 $12 billion 600 million) 8): Robin Li He Xiangjian: 11 billion 400 million $9: $9 billion 800 million) Xu Jiayin Yao Zhenhua: 10) the $9 billion 500 million "Forbes" magazine senior editor, Chinese list prepared Fan Luxian said: "Wang Jianlin is a symbol of our times China, with global vision and ambition. The increase in the number of households in the rich and rich shows that the country has a huge business opportunity with the advance of structural reforms in china." "China still enjoys a reputation as a ‘world factory’," said BBC, a correspondent in Hongkong, Wood (Andrew). China’s richest man is running an international entertainment business. This shows that China’s business opportunities in the change."相关的主题文章: