2016 female Hurun rich list: Chen Lihua 50 billion 500 million yuan for the first time into Chinese – Beijing’s richest woman in new network on 25 October, according to Hurun official website news, the Hurun Research Institute today released the 2016 "Hu Runnv rich list". Data show that the queen of real estate, 75 year old Chen Lihua to wealth of $50 billion 500 million for the first time to become the richest woman in China, Yang Huiyan, ranked in the top second, and the third place in the world, the number of women in Beijing. Chen Lihua to 50 billion 500 million yuan of wealth topped the list shows that 75 year old Beijing estate queen Chen Lihua first became China’s richest woman with a wealth of 50 billion 500 million yuan, this is Hu Run, the 11 richest woman born fifth years richest woman. Chen Lihua this year to become the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs, namely global richest woman 35 years old start empty-handed; Yang Huiyan wealth increased by 20% to 48 billion 500 million yuan ranked second; richest woman, 46 year old "Queen IT" last week in wealth has shrunk by 10% to 45 billion yuan to third. Start empty-handed accounted for 6 to two generation accounted for 2 to 8 "after 80" list data show that start empty-handed accounted for 62%, 32, 4 less than last year. In addition to the 7 two generation, 1 generation three and 11 widows or part of the assets of the husband. Hu Run said: "this year, the richest woman on the two generation reached the highest calendar year." 8 "after 80" into Chinese female billionaires before 50, including 35 year old "youth media Queen" Wu Yan is the only one "80" start empty-handed female billionaires. The other 7 "80" is a 27 year old Ji Kaiting, 33 year old Zhou Yanqi and Xu Yangyang, 34 years old, 35 year old Yang Huiyan Concho, 36 year old Lu Xiaoyun and Liu Chang. The world’s most successful female entrepreneurs in mainland China accounted for 6 of the world’s more than $one billion of the most successful female entrepreneurs in mainland China accounted for 60%. The world’s top ten, the Chinese mainland female entrepreneurs than last year to reduce the number of 3, accounting for half, respectively, Chen Lihua, Zhou Qunfei, and so on, and then, with the exception of the United States, such as, and she, and she, and then, in the case of the United States, China and the United States, the number of women in the mainland, respectively, is the reduction of the number of the. The top 50 in the world, Chinese women entrepreneurs accounted for 56%. Hurun rich list released eleven years ago, the average annual number of new people into the list of 11, this year, the new couple, a decrease of more than last year, the number of 3. Among them, the start empty-handed only 6, 7 less than last year. The couple, the number of billionaires from 7 billion last year reduced to 4: Dali food Chen Liling and her daughter Xu Yangyang, Lu Zhiqiang, pan sea wife Huang Qiongzi and daughter Lu Xiaoyun, bloomage international Zhao Yan and Haihong Holdings concho. Wealth is the largest increase in AAC Zhengmin Pan’s wife Wu Chunyuan, an increase of 116%; followed by Shenzhen real estate heavyweights Cheung Kei Chen Hongtian’s wife Yao Lini and Xu Huiqing (the man Wah and her husband Huang Minli common wealth), an increase of more than 40%. Most of the wealth is to do the production of photovoltaic equipment Beijing Express Feng Huanpei’s wife, Fan Zhaoxia, 34%. After the divorce with her ex husband Li Qiong, total holds 300 million shares of the world wide web in Kunlun, accounting for the total number of listed companies issued a total of 26.4%. According to the closing price of 25 yuan on the day of the calculation, the share market capitalization of more than $7 billion. Engaged in the real estate industry the largest number of financial IT increased the most financial investment and IT increased the most, its"相关的主题文章: