2016 Chinese international unmanned aircraft system meeting the upcoming –IT– people.com.cn     people.com.cn 8 September, September 6th, sponsored by the China Aviation Institute of unmanned aircraft systems in the field of driving the oldest exhibition –2016 (sixth) Chinese unmanned aircraft system driving international conference and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "2016UAS") in China the building held a press conference, the scene of nearly 60 media attended the exchange. The exhibition will be held on September 19, 2016 -23 at the China International Exhibition Center (Jingan Pavilion). Nearly a hundred exhibitors. This exhibition area of more than 8000, a full exhibition area increased by more than 13. Exhibition set exhibition, professional meetings, experience in one, to create a full range of communication platform, leading unmanned aircraft industry footsteps. For exhibitors and visitors to provide product display + technology + R & D + interactive one-stop experience. The exhibition highlights frequent, from aviation, aerospace, scientific research institutes, many private enterprises will show the outstanding achievements of unmanned aircraft system technology and products. Content covers the production, learning, research, business, and use of all aspects of unmanned aerial vehicles. The collection of military and civilian authorities, on the industry hot issues, analysis of guiding policies and regulations, to jointly explore the development prospects of Chinese unmanned aircraft system, the structure of exhibitors from home and abroad with the same, unmanned aircraft system of production, learning and research, the experts in the field of enterprise, full scene. The exhibition gathered in the mainstream of domestic aviation industry’s development to study Chinese Helicopter Design Institute, Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute, China Aerospace Aerodynamics Research Institute as the representative of the manufacturer as well as the Northwestern Polytechnical University, Beihang University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, six university as the representative of the aviation research institutions. According to rough statistics, 96 exhibitors, aviation, aerospace manufacturing enterprises accounted for about 15%, aviation related institutions accounted for 8%, foreign enterprises accounted for 4%, private enterprises accounted for 73%. Compared with the previous session of this data has been a lot of changes in the 2014 exhibition, the UAV private enterprises accounted for about 45%, this year, people have more than half of the enterprise, we can see the rapid growth of private enterprises. Partner of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission this year as the 2016UAS conference and exhibition support units involved, by Beijing’s UAV and aviation service industry technology innovation alliance with ten key enterprises to participate in the exhibition, jointly without in-depth exchange of man-machine Industrial Development on China. At the same time, the first national science and Technology Park and the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in China Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee once again become the 2016UAS conference and exhibition support units, this year based on the original model of cooperation proposed cross-border cooperation and exchange, to alliance and Zhongguancun special robot alliance and related enterprise collaborative exhibition and exchange Zhongguancun reservoir. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geographical Sciences and resources for the first time and the exhibition depth cooperation, to bring you the depth of Remote Sensing Applications相关的主题文章: