1 million Note 7 recall of less than 130 thousand users thought Samsung do not understand Re code Chinese station reported in September 19th Samsung Note 7, in the global frequent overheating, burning, explosion and other events, triggered a public sensation. On Thursday, the U.S. government officially announced the recall of one million in the United States had sales of the Note 7 mobile phone, but disturbing is that only 13% of the mobile phone so far returned. Foreign media pointed out that, despite the risk of burning or explosion, the vast majority of the United States Note 7 mobile phone users, still holding a high-risk mobile phone. In the United States, started by mobile operators and retailers unilaterally announced the recall plan two weeks before Samsung, and on Thursday, the government of the United States consumer product safety commission system also officially announced the recall, recall one million existing Note 7 mobile phone battery failure. However, according to statistics, currently only a total of 130 thousand Note was sent back to the. Did not return to the Note 7 mobile phone consumers, in the end is not informed of the recall order, or is not willing to replace the failure of the phone, is still unknown. Samsung Electronics said that from September 21st (Wednesday), the United States, many of the retail sales of Note 7 will get a new fault free new Note 7 phone. Mobile operators in the United States may even provide new phones in advance. Samsung’s energy is still on the recall of faulty mobile phones, the company has not yet announced the resumption of normal sales of Note 7. In the next few weeks, with the increase in the supply of mobile phones without fault, Samsung will be able to complete the recall and replacement after the re launch of regular sales. Prior to the failure of the battery, Note 7 in the market to get a good evaluation, the initial user purchase demand is also very strong. However, after the recall, the market demand for Note 7, will be affected. The U.S. government agency said, Note 7 in the United States, a total of 92 cases of battery overheating, resulting in burns in the 26 cases, the loss of property caused by the 55. According to the third party mobile Internet market research agency Apteligent, Samsung released after the recall, many Americans still use Note 7 mobile phone, the mobile phone use, until recent days began to decline significantly in the. Some federal officials in the United States criticized Samsung Electronics, Samsung violated the relevant provisions of the United States government system outside the organization’s own recall activities. However, sources close to Samsung Electronics has said that in September 2nd Samsung issued a recall order before, the company has informed the U.S. consumer product safety commission. (Comprehensive dawn) [Chinese related rights and American Recode works by Tencent Inc owned exclusively. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: